buy caesarstone in Ottawa

Caesarstone quartz surfaces are made to last. Composed of up to 93% quartz, Caesarstone is durable and low maintenance. We are Caesarstone experts. If you’re in the Ottawa area and want to experience the opulence of Caesarstone quartz, call us. We will guide you in finding the right Caesarstone quartz countertop.

Choose Caesarstone Quartz

The innate strength of quartz is combined with many dashes of pigments and polymers. The result is a durable and breathtaking quartz surface available in many colors and finishes. Non porous hygienic Caesarstone is resistant to stains, cracks, scratches and heat.

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Minimal Maintenance
Caesarstone’s, non-porous surfaces require no sealing, it is scratch resistant and can be easily cleaned with a non-abrasive cleanser.

Higher Heat Tolerance
Caesarstone is more heat resistant than most granite, marble and limestone, and is not affected by temperatures lower than 150°C (300°F).

Many Colours and Designs to Choose From
Classic, patterned, translucent or comprised of semi-precious stones, Caesarstone has options for every space.