Breccia Fenicia Marble in Ottawa

Breccia Fenicia

Marble has long been highly valued for its beauty, strength, and resistance to fire and erosion. The ancient Greeks used marble in many buildings and statues. The Italian artist Michelangelo used marble from Carrara, Italy, in a number of sculptures. If you are located in Ottawa or the surrounding area and want the best in marble stone countertops call us. We are the marble experts in Ottawa.

Dolce Vita

Palisandro Classico

Calcatta Lasa

Mistic Brown

Avatar Super Exotic

Palomino Super Exotic

Statuario Classico

Calcatta Cielo

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Labradorite Big Blue

Lagos Blue


Fossil Brown

Amarillo Mares

Calcatta Delicato

Calcatta Splendor

Statuario Classico

Breccio Fenicia

Breccia Onicata

What is marble?

Marble is metamorphic rock. This means that it has undergone a change, much like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, to reach its present state. Marble begins as limestone or dolomite and is formed by heat and pressure in the earth’s crust. The change produced on the limestone and dolomite is called recrystallization. The final form of the marble is determined by the composition and purity of the original limestone or dolomite. Marble may be white, pink, gray, red, or black in color, depending on the impurities in the original limestone or dolomite. The purest calcite marble is white. Marble containing hematite has a reddish color while marble containing limonite is yellow and marble containing serpentine is green.

Marble Uses Include:

Extremely pure calcite marble is used for most statues. This kind of marble is translucent–that is, light penetrates a short distance below the surface of the marble before it is reflected. Large blocks of colored marble are used for columns, floors, and other parts of buildings. Smaller pieces of such marble are crushed or finely ground and used as abrasives in soaps and other products. Crushed or ground marble is also used in paving roads and in manufacturing roofing materials, textiles, paints, electrical insulation, plastics and soil treatment products.