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The Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops

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When looking at the best types of countertops for your kitchen or bathroom there are several types you may want to consider. This includes quartz, marble, and granite, as well as laminate. All of these types have their pros and cons depending upon your tastes as well as where you will be installing your new countertop.

Many people chose quartz for the many positive qualities when used in the kitchen or bathroom. Before you decide on the type of countertop you want, take the time to discuss your options with a kitchen and bathroom countertop supplier and professional contractor, like Capital Stoneworks. You will find there are several great options in Ottawa for quartz countertops.

Reasons to Choose Quartz for Your New Countertops

Having quartz countertops can be a great way to make your your new kitchen or bathroom go from nice to something truly amazing. One of the best parts of using quartz is that it is manufactured and allows you to have a wider range of colour options. Quartz countertops also have the durability of concrete and granite. However, quartz is more forgiving and will not crack or chip nearly as easily.

Quartz is also non-porous and resistance to stains. In addition, you can clean quartz countertops with almost any type of traditional countertop cleaning agent. As such, this makes quartz a more sought after material for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Potential Cons of Quartz Countertops

Even with the numerous benefits quartz countertops provide, there are a few drawbacks every consumer should be aware of before making their final decision. The main con to quartz countertops is the cost of the engineered stone. Many times the estimate for your quartz countertops will have a higher cost per square foot, compared other countertop materials.

Although, while this might seem expensive, when you compare it to the cost of other high quality countertop materials, you will find the cost quite similar. Further, with other countertop materials, you do not gain the added benefits you do with quartz. For instance, with granite countertops, while equally sturdy as quartz, they do need to be sealed annually be a professional, otherwise, they are prone to staining.

Another drawback with quartz countertops is you may see the seams, which tend to be similar to granite. However, with professional installation, the seams will not be as noticeable. Considering the many pros and few cons of choosing quartz countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, many people still find they are perfect for their Ottawa homes.

When considering your next countertop, having a quality contractor who is willing to assist you in your decision and provide you with accurate information is important. Keep in mind there will be pros and cons for all types of countertops. You just need to make sure you consider all of these to ensure you are well informed when visiting quartz countertop companies in Ottawa.

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